Support Contracts

Scope of the Service

In a short period of time just after an event record is kept at the call centre, our call centre specialists call the customer and try to recognize and remedy the problem on the phone. Problems that cannot be resolved on the phone at this state are referred to our level-2 technical support specialists.

Remote Communication Level

At this stage, the system is administered through one of the remote-connection methods. This is the stage where efforts for building exhaustive information on the problem and gaining in-depth insight are concentrated. The second-level support type is utilized.

On-site Support Level

This is the stage where the problem is solved at the own location of the user. This service level encompasses basic operations such as simple hardware and software problems, bios updates and re-installation of the operating system. If the problem relates to the system and seems to take long time, the system support unit is informed and devices suffering the problem are forwarded to our service centre.

Contracted Service Level

This support is a service offered to our customers with which maintenance contracts are concluded. The goal of this service level is to boost efficiency and attain price and consistent service advantage. Periodical system maintenance and support saves time and provides protection against undesired experiences. Furthermore it warrants system functionality through replacing the defective device with a working one. Its duration is one year.