The companies’ dependence on computers relying on automation technology has been elevating day by day and their tolerance to interruption is 0% (Banks, Tax Offices, e-Business companies etc).

Combination of the servIT services, IT inventory optimization and the use of service management processes provides the following valuable capabilities to the companies:

* Centralizing the information at a single point
* Increasing the capacity of utilizing the infrastructure and resources
* Boosting the efficiency of the IT team
* Avoiding task repetitions
* Reducing the user service and support costs
* On-time completion and delivery of the IT projects
* Providing the actual needs of the organization
* Documenting the roles of key factors and processes
* Automation of the key factors.

Attaching the highest priority and importance to customer satisfaction, servIT provides IT support in myriad of areas to companies.


servIT’s technological service points...

servIT, is capable of swiftly providing every sort of service needed in abroad such as Germany, Bulgaria, Jordan, Egypt as well as by local Istanbul, İzmir, Antalya, Çorlu, Edirne, Tekirdağ, Bursa and Denizli regional directorates, widespread service network and system applications throughout Turkey...

servIT's technological support centre...

Setting out along the principle of “The greater the customer satisfaction, the lesser the risk of losing our business and customer” servIT has attained its achievements through offering high-quality and advanced technological solutions, high-performance, cost-effective and swift and reliable technological support to its customers. For this purpose, we tailor our services in line with the ITIL standards.

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