Catch the advantage through the servIT’s Outsourcing services!

Commencing to attract progressively increasing interest in whole sector and the market, the servIT’s Outsourcing services provides advantage to companies in terms of both cost effectiveness and quality.

For companies working along with a small-scale IT team, it becomes harder day by day both to operate and control the IT structure, and cope with the rapidly developing and highly demanded new technology. Cost pressure and bringing the IT costs within bounds on one part, and desire to work with new technology and infrastructure on other side puts companies under pressure. Furthermore, operating Servers, operating systems, desktop PCs etc, eliminating the problems and troubles occurring in this operation process falls out of the core operating theme of the companies, and such handicaps prevent companies from concentrating on their core businesses.

This is where the servIT Outsourcing services yield the utmost benefit… Furthermore servIT strives to do everything necessary to make you benefit from the outsourcing services at the utmost level.

Low Cost

servIT offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to its customers. Your system and IT infrastructure rapidly switches to adaptation and yields a remarkable cost advantage.

Low Risk

We assume the responsibility for the infrastructures and systems entrusted to us, and accordingly assume the responsibility for technological renovations and security.

Supreme Quality

We offer you the most convenient service quality along the ITIL standards and confirm our quality with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to be presented to you.

Excellent Supervision

We acquire scaleable reports through the servIT system and offer you the opportunity to consider your costs at length and make future analyzes.

Fast Access

servIToffers quite fast service!... You can call our Call Centre at any time or we are just one click far from you thanks to the online service connection utility exclusively elaborated for the customers.